Christmas presents 2018.

Hope you had a nice Christmas if you celebrate! As always here are the brilliant presents I got...

My Funko Pop! obsession has switched to Rock Candy's, I love them! I was lucky to receive 3 for Christmas including the Summer con exclusive Jessica Jones. I also got a Batman 2019 calendar and framed Catwoman print. 

Books and Chocolate= perfect christmas presents!  

I got some lovely candles, my favourite Lindt chocolate, a bottle of Snow Fairy and some dvds.  

A fresh pack of Top Trumps to add to my collection, a St Vincent cd, some badges from Sugar & Sloth, some handmade badges from Emma Blue and a remote control car. My Mum overheard me and my sister talking about how much we loved the ones we got when we were kids and got us both one! 

The Rock Candy's out of the box!

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