Geeky pick ups.

I am a collector of things. Badges, top trumps, books, and especially toys and action figures. I am a big comic book geek and love a good bargain. So here is a load of geeky pick ups I've found. I've kept forgetting to do this post so this is stuff I've picked up over the last six months or so. I really enjoy finding bargains as sadly, I am not rich so I will include details of where I've found stuff too!

I've been getting into collecting mini mates as I tend to like smaller figures (just because I don't have masses of space to display stuff). They are also very cute! This set includes Hawkeye and Vision. Hawkeye is one of my favourite Marvel characters so I am happy to have found this and the below set cheap on Ebay.

This set is of the Abomination and his human form Emil Blonsky- one of my favourite Marvel villains. This is based on the Tim Roth Blonsky in the Incredible Hulk film which I actually quite enjoyed. 

I've found lately that I tend to much prefer the Funko rock candy figures compared to the Funko Pops. This one is the Thirteenth Doctor who I already totally love. I especially like the way to coat hangs.

This little Funko haul is from Toysforapound(dot)com which are a great site for discontinued and cheap toys. They tend to get a lot of Funko, Marvel, DC Comics, TMNT and other geeky items but you need to be quick as they sell out fast. The Funko's were £5 each and the blind boxes were just a £1! I was happy because I got the Spider Gwen plush I wanted too.

I'm still not sure about these metal die cast figures.They are a strange design and the body is kind of weird. It also bugs me that Catwoman has red eyes... I got this for under a tenner on Ebay and am still glad to have this in my collection.

 This one is an unofficial figure I got from Wish. I believe it's a rip of of the Q Pocket figures and cost around £8. It actually arrived broken in a few pieces so they ended up refunding me but after glueing it back together it's a pretty nice figure (although mine is missing her sword!).

 Some more Mini Mates, this time loose ones I got on Ebay for a couple of pounds each of She-Hulk and Scarlett Witch.

New Top Trumps! This is the Infinity War pack and they are a really nice set. 

More bargains, this time from B&M. I really recommend checking them out as they tend to get a lot of Funko, Marvel, DC Comics and other geeky stuff for cheap. The adorable Storm Dorbz was only £2.99! I also now have all the figures I wanted from The Batman Animated Series line (all bought from B&M) and a cute Wonder Woman pez for a £1. 

 These nano metal figs have become a bit of a new obsession too. The designs of these is way better than the big versions and they are small and easy to display. I have found quite a few of these in places like Asda and Ebay for under £2 and got a couple for my Birthday last year too.

Finally these Funko pocket pop keychains. These came in blind bags from Tesco and I managed to successfully feel the three I wanted! I am getting good at feeling blind bags now haha!

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