I hate the idea of new years resolutions. Putting pressure on yourself to change who you are or how you live. Of course sometimes, breaking habits or making positive changes is a great thing; but why leave it until the start of a new year? You can do it anytime. Of course though like any stereotypical person with bipolar disorder I am a heap of contradictions and as much as I hate new year and resolutions I love lists, goals and I am a total control freak. As such I have made a list of "goals" things I'd like to work at achieving or getting better at. I am personally glad to see the back of 2018- it wasn't a great year for me. There's a lot of things I want and need to work on this year and a lot of that involves my mental health. Here's the goals I have thought of for 2019...

1. Read only books I already own

2. No buying more books!! 
3. Aim for a distinction in current uni modules
4. Continue to work on dealing better with anxiety
5. Get through my module exam
6. Be more mindful of how I am spending money(!)
7. Try and go to at least 1 place I have never been
8. Accept myself for who I am
9. Move more
10. Try and stick to a better sleep schedule

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