My book pre-orders.

Sarah Lotz- Missing Person: released 04/09/19
Smooth Criminals Vol.1: released 08/08/19
Heartstopper Vol.2: released 11/07/19
Sawkill Girls- Claire Legrand: released 27/06/19
The Wall- John Lanchester: released 05/09/19
Recipes For Self Love- Rachel Alison: released 30/05/19
Under the Moon, A Catwoman Tale by Lauren Myracle: released 07/05/19
Teen Titans: Raven- Kami Garcia: released 02/07/19
The Turn of the Key- Ruth Ware: released 08/08/19
Wilder Girls- Rory Power: released 06/02/20
No Big Deal- Bethany Rutter: released 08/08/19
The Avant-Guards Vol.1-Carly Udin: released 03/10/19
Blackbird Vol.1- Jen Bartel & Sam Humphries: released 14/05/19
Black Canary Ignite- Meg Cabot: released 29/10/19
Dead Popular- Sue Wallman: released 01/08/19
You All Grow Up and Leave Me- Piper Weiss: released 30/05/19
Paul Takes the Form of a Mortal Girl- Andrea Lawlor: released 18/04/19
Geek Girls Don't Cry- Andrea Towers: released 07/06/19 

In today's post I wanted to round up all the books I have on pre-order for the year.

Non fiction...
Recipes For Self Love is a great instagram account that pairs beautiful illustrations with self care and self love advice and quotes. I am really looking forward to the book. You All Grow Up and Leave Me is a mix of true crime and 90's coming of age memoir about a woman involved with a child predator as a teenager and this book offers a combination of her coming to terms with her past and a psychological examination of predators. It sounds very interesting. In Geek Girls Don't Cry, Towers who works at Marvel examines what it is to be a strong woman in a world dominated by male superheroes. Also it has a stunning cover by Paulina Ganucheau. 

I am a big fan of horror writer Sarah Lotz and Missing Person is her next novel. The release date keeps changing for this- I just want to read it dammit! Some things I love in fiction: female friendship, LGBTQ+ inclusion, and horror. Sawkill Girls offers all three so I ordered it! Likewise with Wilder Girl. A couple of my auto buy authors have new books out this year, thriller writer Ruth Ware has The Turn of the Key and YA thriller writer Sue Wallman has Dead Popular. I always pre-order their books and am eager to read their latest. Bethany Rutter is a fat positive blogger/ advocate who I have followed for a long time and her debut book No Big Deal is out this year with with a fat MC and themes of body positivity: I am in! 
I love dystopian fiction and wanted to try some more sci-fi this year and The Wall grabbed my attention. About an island that build a barrier around their land and what happens to the people on the inside and outside with themes of climate change and survival. Lastly, Paul Takes the Form of a Mortal Girl is set in the 90s in a world of riot grrl and gay bars this is about a young man who can shape shift at will.

Comics and graphic novels...
I read the first issue of Smooth Criminals and instantly pre-ordered the first volume! A team up of a cat burglar who was frozen in the 60s and Brenda a geeky hacker they become loveable partners in crime. Heartstopper Vol.1 was PERFECTION so of course I ordered the next installment- it's a wholesome and cute romance that it is impossible to dislike. Under the Moon: A Catwoman Tale is an original graphic novel about Selina as teenager and as a Catwoman fangirl it was a must! Likewise Teen Titans: Raven and Black Canary: Ignite are from the same line- these sound really promising, and I am really excited for them.

The Avant-Guards Vol.1 is written by Carly Usdin who is a very cool creator and that was the main reason I pre-ordered this, but it also happens to be about a group of misfits so I couldn't say no. Finally Blackbird Vol.1 is by two of my favourite comic book writers. Although I've read this is single issues I wanted to support the creators, it's a modern witchy fantasy and Jen Bartels artwork is amazing.

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