Right Now.

Watching: I watched Captain Marvel and I loved it! Also, new Brooklyn 99 and my new obsession: decluttering videos on YouTube.
Reading: Conversations With Friends by Sally Rooney

Listening: Femme, Black Honey, Karen 0 & Danger Mouse and Robyn
Eating: McVities chocolate digestives and yoghurt drinks are my current jam.
Wearing: I got some Reeboks from Schuh imperfections for mega cheap and they are like walking on clouds.
Doing: endless uni work (and wasting too much time on the vapourwave photo editor I downloaded on my phone).

Feeling: Anxious. Very anxious.
Achievements: I reached 60 sales in my etsy shop, I also reached a goal of leaving the house on my own and getting a bus- it was bloody hard but I did it!
Goals: Finish uni work mainly, I am also working on another anxiety based goal for next week.

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