New books.

I am so behind on my new books posts (my 2019 book buying ban has been going great, thanks for asking!) so I am going to keep this one kind of brief today. Quite a few of these are 'booktube made me buy it' mixed with 'anxiety made me buy it!'.

The Big Lie is a feminist dystopian (which had me from the get go) set in an England where the nazi's won WW2. There's also a f/f romance, it sounds brilliant. Fierce Fragile Hearts is a sequel to Sara Barnards book Beautiful Broken Things, which I really enjoyed (YA, mental health, friendship). So Sad Today is an essay collection centred on mental health, and Hunger is a memoir from feminist spokesperson Roxane Gay that has a focus on her life as a plus size woman.

American Housewife is a satirical short story collection about American suburbia. I Must Have You is set in 1999, and explores eating disorders and mental health through the eyes of three women and And She Was is about a teen who finds out her mother is a trans woman who was actually her biological father (I've since looked this up on Goodreads and a lot of reviews are saying it is transphobic so I may not keep this one).

I got another of the Faber Stories, this time Sylvia Plath- this is the first time the original version of this story has been published. We Are Okay is a YA- I haven't read any of Nina Lacour yet but I have a feeling I am really going to enjoy this (also, the cover is beautiful). I am a huge fan of Miranda July and so I'm super excited to have got a signed copy of It Chooses You which is essentially Miranda visiting people that have placed random classified ads to sell something and going to meet them and interview them. It looks like it's going to be fun and quirky. Ayoade on Ayoade: A Cinematic Odyssey is Richard interviewing himself about film and I am sure it will be as witty and wonderful as the man himself.

Finally, I struck GOLD at the charity shop with some Goosebumps books! I loved these when I was a kid, I remember reading Welcome To Dead House before bed and getting nightmares (my Dad told me maybe it was best to stop reading it, so I never finished it!) I love the slime covers and just looking at them gives me so much nostalgia!

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