Right Now: May 2019

Watching: I've been ill the last couple of weeks so finally got round to watching Fleabag and finishing S5 of Brooklyn 99. I've Just started watching Russian Doll on Netflix, and have also been enjoying watching abstract painting videos on YT, as well as the channel First We Feast.
Reading: I've just started The Big Lie by Julie Mayhew and am listening to the audiobook of Girls Will Be Girls by Emer 0'Toole

Eating: Catching up on easter chocolate from when I was ill
Wearing: At the moment I am being boring and pretty much living in Qwertee tshirts and jeans
Doing: Reading, painting anything that might help with my anxiety
Feeling: Quite low
Achievements: I passed 70 sales in my Etsy!
Goals: Reach 80 Etsy sales, complete uni assignment

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