Point Horror: 90s nostaligia

The 90s were my decade, and since turning 30 I've found myself getting nostalgic for all things 90s. All my childhood/ teen belongings were lost to a flood (RIP to my beanie baby, polly pocket and goosebumps collection) so whenever I see stuff from my childhood at charity shops I can't resist. 

One of my childhood favourites were the teen horror fiction collection: Point Horror. I loved these books and had a huge collection of them. I especially love the covers- kind of a very 90s take on pulp fiction book covers. I've managed to get a collection going again and plan on rereading them over the Summer! 

So here's a look at the books I've found so far...

The book covers tend to always have a raised metallic title in classic 90s fonts. Dream Date is definitely one of my favourite covers. I also love the cheesy taglines each book cover has...

"Sweet dreams... and rest in peace"

The Girlfriend and The Waitress are also definitely in my top covers list too.

"The customer is always wrong. Dead wrong"
What books take you back to your childhood?

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