90s memories.

If you follow me on Instagram you will know I am on a real 90s nostalgia kick at the moment! Here are some of my 90s memories...

Being poised on a Sunday evening on the record button during the chart countdown on Radio 1 ready to copy your favourite songs on your blank tape (and always cutting off the beginning or getting the DJ talking over the end of the track).

Ice pops in the Summer! They didn't taste that great but they were cold. If you were being fancy you might have had those bottle shape ones where you had to bite off the top!

While were are on the subject of Summer, having epic water fights were the best, especially if you had a super soaker.

Keeping a close eye on my sister whenever she drank Sunny Delight in case she started to turn orange.

Saturday morning: The Racoons, The New Adventures of Superman, Rugrats and Live and Kicking.

Officially the best childhood fad was POGS! Especially if you had a fancy metal slammer. The playground was like a casino- lots of huddles of kids having tournaments surrounded by spectators. Best case scenario you won a shiny pog, worst case you won a TAZO.

Happy Meal toys. Some of the best included beanie babies, Sonic the Hedgehog, Barbie, the McDonalds food toys that were like transformers and Space Jam. 

Putting a tag protector on your Beanie Babies because reasons.

Reenacting Spice Girls performances. I was Sporty, high kicking in my Adidas popper tracksuit bottoms, my sister was always Baby in bunchies wrinkling her nose.

Collecting the Spice Girls photos to put in the album. Spice Girls merch was everywhere. My sister, Mum and I would sing along to the tape in the car. I remember buying the magazine with my pocket money- and Smash Hits when the free gift was the inflatable Spice Girl dolls.

Making up a gift basket from The Body Shop when it was your friends Birthday. Choosing a basket, bath pearls, animal shaped soaps and a little bottle of body lotion. They would wrap it up with shredded paper and cling film!

Changing my ink cartridge in my fountain pen at school, and getting excited when I bought a box of coloured ink cartridges. We would always try and get the little ball out of them for some reason!

Feeling like royalty sat on your blow up chair, playing your Game Boy with your Walkman headphones playing your favourite mixtape. 

If you were a 90s kid and love a bit of nostalgia you will probably love the 90s Nostalgia boxes I make for my Etsy shop!

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